Know your Auctioneer
Whether buying or selling, ensure your auctioneer is a member of a recognized professional organization such as SAIA, where a Code of Ethics governs its members.

Start by Observing
Choose an auction dealing in items of interest to you, and attend an auction just to watch.

Know the Difference
All auctions are different. A vehicle auction proceeds differently to a fine art auction. Observe first, bid later.

Attend the Preview
Most auction houses have a viewing date before an auction. Inspect the items which interest you.

Know the rules
Policies of each auction house are included in catalogues. This gives you general information on the auction, will there be “buyers premiums” added to the final price, etc. Ask questions at the preview, our staff are always willing to help!

Set a limit
Determine a price beforehand and stick to it. It is easy to get caught up in the bidding excitement.

Listen to the Auctioneer
Prior to the start of bidding on an item, the auctioneer will give information on the item – the lot number and description. Listen for any changes to the catalogue.

Dropping out
If you do not wish to carry on bidding on an item, and the auctioneer looks at you for a bid, signal “No”

Finalise your purchase
If you have successfully bid on an item, before you leave, you must complete payment and arrange for collections.